Are you wondering how you can live that simple life. What is the simple life? Who do we live simply? Do we have to do without all our extras in life?

Living simply means something different to everyone. No ones idea of a simple life is the same as the next persons. Everyone values different things in life. Some people feel that a simple life is living as a minimalist. Others feel that living off of the land  is a simple life. I believe I fall into the middle of these two ideas. I love the simplicity of being self-reliant and sufficient I also don’t mind doing without a lot of extras but I do like the modern convenience electricity.

A simple life is detaching yourself from all the chaos is in society today. Today more than ever we are programmed to think that we have to do it all. We have hectic schedules for our work, social, and family lives. Our kids are so busy with all their extracurricular activities and friends. Between our lives and our children there is no free time to sit and relax. Most of us believe that we need to have all these fancy gadgets whether it’s an electronic device or a new appliance for the kitchen. We are a generation of keeping up with the Jones. We are conditioned through media that we have to have it all. We have to be perfect parents. We have to run our kids back and forth. We have to make sure they have the best of everything and have all the opportunities we didn’t have when we were growing up. We have to be super mom and super dad.

We have way more stresses on our lives today than our parents did or there parents did. When I think of the simple life I think of them. My parents and my grandparents. They didn’t have to worry about a media driven society. They got up everyday and went to work. Most of our mothers were stay at home mom’s. They made sure the house was cleaned and you had a good meal at night. They didn’t cater to us. We weren’t allowed to hang on them all day. We went out side and played. We found things to do. We invented things and stretched our minds. That is my idea of the simple life. When society in general had fewer worries, less stressors, less anxiety, and depression. Those are all things that living this complex life today will create.

So take some time and think about what stresses you out, what worries you, what causes you anxiety. If you can eliminate any of the causing factors you are on your way to living a simple life. Don’t worry what someone else idea of a simple life is. Your thoughts, feelings, and ideas are all that matter.

Family – The Real Reason for the Season

There are so many wonderful things about this time of year. The beautiful winter scenery, the cheery music that males everyone smile, and the holidays themselves. My family practices Christmas, we always have. So here are some thoughts on Christmas that I’d like to share.

I remember when my older kids were younger, loving their excitement as they rushed to open their presents and stocking on Christmas morning. Of course, as a parent I would have preferred to sleep in, especially since we’d have been celebrating the night before at my father’s house. After that we’d go to my in laws house to celebrate.

Now, that was many years ago and a lot has changed, but one thing has stayed the same: family. This year will be even more chaotic than the days of having several small children in the house. First, we’ll be visiting my daughter and her family, since she has to work on Christmas. And while I know that it’ll be a bit of a drive the thought makes me so happy, getting to spend time with her, her husband, and my grandson. Maybe this will even be the start of a new tradition, who knows? My oldest son is also working on Christmas, so his family will be visiting after. My middle son will be working and will visit…Well, I’ll be honest, I’m not sure when he’ll visit but I know he will at some point. That just leaves my youngest son, my husband, and myself for Christmas day.

Normally on Christmas day my kiddos are at my house, we spend the morning laughing and opening presents. I love this, having everyone together in my home, making jokes and eating. So, this year will be a little harder than most. But the main thing will still be there: family.

So, I hope this season, and everyone after, you take the time to enjoy those around you. Whether they be traditional family or those you’ve adopted make sure to pass on the love and good cheer.

From my family to yours: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



So now faith, hope, and love abide these three; but the greatest of these is love

Corinthians 13:13


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