Berries – Better than Candy

With the start of our little homestead one of the first things I wanted to do, besides get my chickens, was plant some berry bushes. I know so few people who don’t love at least one kind of fruit, and with it being so expensive to buy it at the store the bushes will easily pay for themselves in no time.

One of the greatest things about having berry bushes, besides adding some more lovely greenery to the area, is the berries themselves. I personally love fresh berries, especially blueberries l, I can’t wait for those bushes to really grow this spring. I even have my oldest granddaughter half addicted to blueberries, she knows whenever she comes over that there will be some waiting for her in the fridge. What better to give a picky three-year-old other than fruit? But they’re good for more than just eating as they are.


One of my favorite things to do with berries is to throw them in a freezer safe baggie and leave them in the freezer. Why? Three reasons. First, that way I can keep them for longer a bring them out whenever I want to use them. Second, there’s little better than using frozen berries as ice cubes in homemade sun tea. Not only do they help keep it cool, they add the best flavor as they melt and you mix them around. And finally, it’s at quicker than canning them!

This year when we planted our berry bushes we ran into the problem of our soil being to rocky. Knowing that we still wanted them despite this, we came up with a plan. Instead of trying to dig through rock and refilling with better soil, why not just build boxes? So, on a weekend when my husband was home we set to work! Using trees that had been cut down on the property we live on we made big (insert rough measurement) squares without bottoms. And what did we do with these? We filled them with a much more workable soil and planted the bushes that we’d ordered from the local 4H group!

blueberry bush

So hopefully come spring our bushes start to bloom and we get a big haul of berries. My daughter in law is insistent that we make jam when the berries come in. So hopefully we have enough to do that, that way I can share my recipe with you!


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