Hi there. My name is Kim. I am a wife, mom, grandmother, nurse, etc…
I work full-time as a home health nurse and also home-school my 10-year-old son. This is sometimes overwhelming but we get it done. I have so many things that interest me. I just have to get it out. Some of my interests include: living simply, homeschooling, parenting, family, nursing, gardening, keeping chickens, beekeeping, herbal and natural remedies, camping, traveling, my faith, and so many others. I hope that you will find something to enjoy here.

I live in a very rural area of Western Pennsylvania. My husband and I grew up in this area where we were friends and went to school together. We are used to the slow pace around here. We both have dreamed for many years of having a little cabin in the woods and being more self-reliant. After we both have had a failed marriage and lots of struggles we reconnected and now my husband and I have built our little cabin in woods and are living our happily ever after. This has been our dream for so long. We have grand plans of adding on to it every year. We want this simple life.

I appreciate you stopping by and want you to feel free to comment or email your ideas and advice.If you have a great topic you would like to see me address please let me know.
Thanks for visiting. See you soon.

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